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 Everything You Need to Start Burning Fat and Balancing Hormones in Just 16 Days...
Here's How it Works...
Start your day on the right foot by getting alkaline with my Mighty Maca Plus superfood drink mix
Kickstart ketosis with a Keto-Green shake for lunch using a shake recipe from Keto-Green 16
Finish the day with a Keto-Green meal made using one of the recipes found in Keto-Green 16
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Here's What You Get in the Quick Start Kit...
Keto-Green Shake Mix
This all-in-one revitalizing meal replacement contains the perfect blend of plant-based protein, clean fats, alkalizing greens, and antioxidant superfoods that...
  • Supports strength + feeds your body what it needs
  • Boosts energy with superfoods instead of stimulants
  • Curbs cravings and keeps you feeling satisfied
  • ​Fights inflammation and supports detoxification
Here are just a few of the superfoods inside this product...
Bitter Melon
Wheat Grass
Mighty Maca® Plus
This sensationally delicious green drink mix contains over 30 superstars from the plant kingdom.
  • Increases stamina and boosts energy
  • Aids metabolism and improves digestion
  • Fights inflammation and decreases hot flashes
  • ​Helps with mood, PMS and menopause symptoms
  • ​Increases feeling of intimacy and improves fertility
Here are just a few of the superfoods inside this product...
Green Tea
Milk Thistle
Keto-pH Test Strips + Phone App
Get instant bio-feedback so you know for sure if you are in fat burning mode (ketosis) and if your body chemistry is conducive to hormone balance and detoxing (alkaline). To help you track your daily test results I’ve created a beautiful smartphone app for both iPhone and Android phones. 
I'm going to send all of this to you with 
Plus you'll also get online access to... 
The Keto-Green 16 Day Challenge
This special online event is going to help you put into practice what you learned in the book — and make it fun! You'll be super motivated... you'll have extra accountability... you'll make awesome progress... and I'll be giving away prizes, too! You do not want to miss this.
60-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
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Here are just a few of the countless love letters I've received about these products...
Keto-Green Shake Mix
Switching to Keto Green shakes for breakfast has been amazing!! Inflammation has all disappeared-no more achy joints! I love this stuff!
- Becki S.
 I have done a lot of protein powders, but Keto Green is my favorite! It is silky smooth- not chalky or grainy- and has a delicious taste. 
- Kerrin W.
The protein powder and Mighty Maca Plus are my everyday energy boost! Truly amazing!
- Lori E.
Mighty Maca Plus
I originally bought this product to help me with my hot flashes. I have noticed a great decline in the number of occurrences a day. Some days, I do not have any. I also noticed another benefit, my brain concentration has improved! I highly recommend!
- Hope F.
 I used to need coffee every morning just to get up. Mighty Maca is a natural boost completely different than a caffeine boost. Mighty Maca keeps you going. 
- Lyndsey
I love the taste. Great addition to my morning smoothie. Helps with menopause issues , including my insomnia and frequent nightly trips to the bathroom.
- Lisa C.
Keto-pH Test Strips + Smartphone App
These strips really help in staying on the Keto-green diet! Just when you think you'll never get alkaline, you check and all your hard work of green smoothies and salads pay off!
- E. Perry
 I'm totally obsessed with staying in ketosis now. I love these strips.
- N.H.
I love having them as a tool to monitor my progress with the Keto-Green Diet. It’s motivational too.
- A.C.
Do You Want to Accelerate Your Progress with Keto-Green 16?
Yes... and I want to take advantage of this special offer which includes:
  • A 16 day supply of Mighty Maca Plus
  • ​A 16 day supply of Keto-Green Shake Mix
  • ​100 Keto-pH Test Strips + Smartphone App
  • Access to the Keto-Green 16 Challenge
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