15 Super Tasty "Keto-Green" Recipes
(So yummy your family will want to join you!!)
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What's Keto-Green™, you ask?
  • ​Like the "regular" keto diet... but better for women over 40
  • The "green" upgrade adds foods that support female hormone balance
  • It's more delicious than "regular" keto, too! 
Here are just a few of the hearty, filling meals I'm going to send you the recipes for...
Garlic Ginger Spare Ribs
Cilantro Lime Salmon Stuffed Avocados
Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce
Lettuce Tacos
Spinach and Onion Frittata
Keto-coconut Yogurt Berry Bowl
I've modified the traditional keto diet to make it safer, easier, and more effective for women over 40!
Hello my name is Dr. Anna Cabeca

Over the past 20 years I've served 10,000+ women in my private practice as an OBGYN — and millions more through my books, online videos and articles. 

When menopause caused me to gain 20 pounds (almost overnight!) I turned to the keto diet for help. It was great at first... but I couldn't stand all the awful side effects that came with staying in ketosis long-term. 
Here's What Your Sneak Peek Includes...
After several years of research, I've figured out the "green" tweak that makes the keto diet safer, easier and more effective for women over 40.

Now I've compiled 15 super tasty recipes so you can give my Keto-Green diet a try for a few days. 

I just know you're going to love these meals and how they make you feel when you eat them!
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