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For Women Over 40 Who Want to Feel Stronger, Build Their Immunity, and Have More Energy
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Rave Reviews for Keto-Green 16
“Keto-Green 16 is a powerful program to pave the way for lasting health, longevity, and disease resistance.”

David Perlmutter, MD

New York Times bestselling author Grain Brain, Brain Maker and Brain Wash
“If you want to lose weight and gain brain power, Anna Cabeca’s Keto-Green 16 is the easiest and most delicious route to your goals!”

JJ Virgin

#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Sugar Impact Diet
“Keto-Green 16 explains why midlife weight gain happens and gives you a healthy, delicious, and fast solution to release the weight and greatly improve your health.”

Christiane Northrup, MD

New York Times bestselling author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom
My Simple Formula for Fast and Lasting Weight Loss...
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More Rave Reviews for Keto-Green 16
"If you are struggling with weight gain, low energy, sleepless nights and other issues related to midlife, read Keto-Green 16! Dr. Anna's comprehensive, easy to follow program will help anyone who is struggling with hormone-related health challenges get their lives back on track."

Josh Axe

DNM, DC, CNS, author of Keto Diet and co-founder Ancient Nutrition
“Many keto diets leave followers feeling sick (keto flu) and nutrient deficient. In contrast, Dr. Anna Cabeca has created a healthier Keto Green 16 program that is far more sustainable and still provides fat burning and hormonal balance. She expertly takes the reader by the hand and makes following her program easy. If you are thinking of trying a keto diet—this book is essential!"

Steven Masley

MD, FAHA, FACN, FAAFP, CNS, best-selling author of The Mediterranean Method
"Using food, fasting, movement, and feelings as medicine, the proven plan in Dr. Anna Cabeca's Keto-Green 16 can heal so many of the ails of just 16 days! You'll be blown away at how easy (and how fast!) your body will respond when you start giving it what it needs."

Mark Sisson

NYT Best-selling author of The Keto Reset Diet and founder of Primal Kitchen Foods
Are you sick and tired of struggling with...
Crazy Cravings
Foggy Brain
  Show-Stopping Fatigue
Haywire Hormones
Hot Flashes
Extra Pounds & Inches
Keto-Green 16 is my proven plan to tame your out-of-control brain, body and belly!

The Keto-Green™️ 16 Diet Plan

Begin losing fat and inches, eliminate cravings, boost your metabolism, experience laser-sharp focus, and reduce hot flashes... all on this 16-day diet plan!

The 16 Keto-Green Foods

I want my Keto-Green 16 Diet Plan to be super simple for you start using, so all your meals will be made using just 16 "Keto-Green approved" food types. No more long shopping lists! 

The 16-Minute Fitness Plan

You can drop fat, tone your body, and trim your belly — in one very short workout — by combining calorie-burning cardio with body-sculpting strength training.
Here's a Small Sample of the Delicious, Easy-to-Make Meals You'll Create with Just 16 Ingredient Types...
Beef Stew
Thai Coconut Chicken
Ginger Salmon
Garlic Lime Meatballs
Chinese Lettuce Wraps
Roasted Chicken
Zoodle Pad Thai
Mediterranean Burger
Curry Chicken Skillet
Chicken Tenders
Spiced Lime Taco Salad
Cashew Fat Bombs
Get Over 50 Delicious Keto-Green Recipes
The Praise Just Keeps Pouring In!
“Dr. Anna has done it again! Her passion for healing, compassion for clients, and her curious, scientific mind make this book a must-read for anyone struggling with brain fog, stubborn fat loss and pre-diabetes or diabetes. It is a results-oriented, easy-to-follow guidebook for both women and men.”

Dr. Mariza Snyder

Bestselling author of the Essential Oils Hormone Solution
"Keto-Green 16 is a roadmap to health and wellness for all, but in particular for women struggling with the challenges of midlife. Dr. Anna Cabeca's keen understanding of 'whole being' care is evident in her new book."

Terry Wahls

Author of the best-selling The Wahls Protocol
"Dr. Anna Cabeca's latest book, Keto-Green 16, is a guide to healing the many ails of aging. Using food, movement, and feelings as medicine, this program produces results that will make you feel as if you have reversed time and taken years off of your life!"

Jonathan Bailor

Jonathan Bailor New York Times Bestselling Author & Founder of SANESolution
“When you harness the fat-torching power of a Keto diet and pair it with the anti-inflammatory difference of alkaline foods, you're in the zone for weight loss, hormone balance and feeling like a million bucks! No one does this better than Dr. Anna Cabeca and her new book is all the proof you need.”

Leanne Ely

New York Times bestselling author of Body Clutter and creator of
"Keto-Green 16 is a must-have for any woman who wants to feel great and maintain the energy she needs to create her great work in the world. Dr. Anna Cabeca shows us how to eat smarter, move easier, and harness the healing power of our minds in just a few days. This short experiment can be the pivotal moment that changes everything."

Alexandra Jamieson

Coach and author Women, Food, And Desire
"Keto-Green 16 is the roadmap to having more energy, dropping the excess pounds and feeling better than you have in years. Dr. Anna has taken the whole concept of 'Keto', reinvented and raised it to a brand new level."

Sheri Salata

Author of The Beautiful No and Co-Founder of The Pillar Life
“Dr. Anna has done it again! Her passion for healing, compassion for clients, and her curious, scientific mind make this book a must-read for anyone struggling with brain fog, stubborn fat loss and pre-diabetes or diabetes. It is a results-oriented, easy-to-follow guidebook for both women and men.”

Angeli Maun Akey

MD FACP, Author of Fine-Tune Your Hormone Symphony

“You’ll want Dr. Anna’s secrets to getting your sexy back! She shows you how to lose those last 10 pounds, double your energy and fall in love with yourself again, naturally.”

Robin Nielsen

Are You Ready to Feel Slim, Sane, and Sexy Again?
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Quick Start Guide
This handy guide reveals the basic principles of the Keto-Green 16 Breakthrough Diet Plan in just a few pages. Think of it as your "training wheels" to get you going with the plan before the book arrives in the mail.
Bonus #2 ($10 value)
Food Roadmap
Now it's time to go to the store! So that you don't have to lug the book around with you, I've created a Keto-Green 16 Foods Cheat Sheet. Print it out  (or open it on your phone) when you're out shopping.
Bonus #3 ($25 value)
3 Day Meal Plan + Recipes
Once you've read the Quick Start Guide, then you know enough to start transitioning to Keto-Green eating! You can use this 3 day meal plan (and corresponding recipes) to give it a go before your book arrives. 
Bonus #4 ($20 value)
"Keto-Green Cooking with Dr. Anna" Video Series
I want to show you just how easy Keto-Green cooking can be, so in these videos I invite you into my home kitchen to follow along as I make some of my favorite dishes from Keto-Green 16
Bonus #5 ($20 value)
Dr. Anna's Feast Recipes
Keto-Green 16 uses intermittent fasting to accelerate your results, it also includes periodic feasting days to help you stay on the plan. In this bonus I share my 5 fav Keto-Green desserts that are healthy versions of the bad stuff... but you won't be able to tell the difference!
Bonus #6 ($49 value)
Keto-Green Community 
In this community we share helpful Keto-Green tips, delicious and nutritious Keto-Green recipes, inspire each other with our successes, and get answers to any questions about living the Keto-Green way. I just know you're going to love the wonderful people you meet in here! 
Bonus #7 ($20 value)
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You can accelerate your results on my Keto-Green 16 plan by using the proprietary supplements I've formulted just for women over 40! To make it easy for you to try them I'm including this 20% OFF coupon to my online store.
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Meet Dr. Anna Cabeca
Dr. Anna Cabeca has been featured in...
Hi Gorgeous,

My name is Dr. Anna Cabeca and over the past 20 years I've served over 10,000 women in my private practice and millions more online through my videos, podcasts, and articles. 

Although I currently enjoy great health and energy, it wasn't always this way. There was a time when I weighed over 240 pounds, I couldn't focus, and I was always exhausted.
Now I feel great and I have all the energy I need for my very fulfilling life with four daughters, running a busy business, operating a charitable foundation, and training other physicians about my Keto-Green™ lifetstyle. 

I've got all this going on and yet I manage to stay healthy, happy, and fit. 

How do I do it?

I follow the plan found inside the pages of Keto-Green 16!
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